Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 21st & 22nd



Peace to Omar Goodness, AC, Double K, & Tha Beloved

Don't miss out on King Tee and Dooley-O

And look out for the Double O Project (DOUBLE K & DOOLEY-O) coming soon...

Footage of our LBNF shows...

May 18th 2007 (Giant Panda, Dooley-O, Percee P, O.C., Prince Po);

Tha Beloved (w. Tha BrothaLoad)


June 29th 2007 (Schoolly D, Count Bass D, Double K)
Count Bass D

Double K

If anyone has any footage of these shows (and we know you do) please send it to me at it would be HUGELY appreciated.

Peace to everyone that made these shows the way they should have been.

Special treats for y'all..

First off, I have a dope Audio Two mix done by none other than AC the Program Director. Some very special stuff is featured on this set, if your a fan of Audio Two or just some straight dope stuff I highly recommend copping this.

Download Here

Next, I have something extremely funky for everyone out there reading this blog. This is an AC the PD mixtape he did with LA Mike (aka Double K of People Under The Stairs).
AC and LA Mike go back to back (2 records on 2 records off) breaking some classic/unreleased/and straight up gems. This classic LA mixtape is NOT to be slept on.
AC the PD & Double K - Mixtape

1. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Freshest Rhymes In World
2. Don Baron - 'Let's Dance'
3. Double K's Break Bridge
4. Leaders Of The New School - 'Base Is Loaded'
5. Dooley O - 'I Don't Wanna Lose You'
6. King Tee - 'Dray Fay Jay'
7. Fantastic 4 - 'Gotta Turn Out'
8. All Natural - 'Down 4 Eva'
9. Count Bass D - 'The Mingus Sextet'
10. Beatnuts - 'Bring The Funk Back'
11. Gangstarr - 'Gotta Get Over'
12. Ice Cube - 'Really Doe Inst.'
13. Natural Elements - 'Definitely'
14. MC Shan - 'Juice Crew Live'
15. Double K's Break Bridge
16. Solid C And Bobby Dee - 'Wacky Rap'
17. Geto Boys - 'Size Ain't Shit'
18. Nice And Smooth - 'No Delayin'
19. Freestyle Fellowship - 'Cornbread'
20. LL Cool J - 'Get Down'
21. Eazy E - 'Eazy Street'
22. Threat - 'Shut Your Punk Ass Up'
23. MC Lyte - 'Too Young For What'
24. Audio Two - 'Giz Starts Buggin'
25. Turtle MC - 'Cash Money'
26. Lynn Collins - Message To The Soul Sister'
27. Joeski Love - 'My Girl'
28. Big L - 'How Will I Make It'
29. Sweet T - 'On The Smooth Tip'
30. Last Song - 'Can't Tell'
31. Compton's Most Wanted - 'Can I Kill It?'
32. People Under The Stairs - 'The Next Step'
Download Here

Thanks to AC for creating and uploading these for everyone to listen. Big ups to Double K and the whole BrothaLoad Crew.
If you like what you hear send a donation and cop these mixtapes and many more.
Hit up AC the Program Director's MySpace

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dooley-O - Jurisdiction

I haven't posted anything here in a minute but I have a VERY special joint here today that I thought I'd share...

Here's an old slept on Dooley-O joint off an old out-of-print 7" titled "Cop A Plea".

The recordings were done in 89-90, I only have one of the joints off the vinyl, if anyone has the other track "Cop A Plea" please hit me up @

The joint was originally supposed to be on Dooley's 1st LP Watch My Moves, but unfortunately was cut for unknown reasons.