Saturday, January 31, 2009

NEW Bazooka Joe's Wide World of Gems Mixes

As some of you may know, the legendary Bazooka Joe does his thing on Hiphop Radio every Thursday... Always coming with something fresh, new and old. Here are some special sets he recently posted up on his blog and some words from Bazooka Joe aka. Truck Jewls;

Peace, I know it's been a minute, but I am working hard on some new projects for 2009, staying busy in the studio. Just wanted to set the New Year off with some recent radio show sets. Be on the lookout for a new and improved in 2K9, my man AC is in the process of securing a new home for the store and station, in the meantime check out AC's mixtape blog with his whole dam catalog:

I need to catch up, definitely more classic Truck Jewls mixtapes on the way, but for now vibe with some random radio sets and catch me every Thursday Night from 9pm-11pm (EST) for more of the same.

Also coming soon, the Real DJ's "This Is What We Do" mixtape featuring myself, Lionel Splifkin and 2 Kool Tony dropping classic rarities like only our crew can do. Also got the Bazooka Joe/Lionel Splifkin "Ultimate Devin The Dude" mix on the way, so stay tuned.

01 - Big Dro - 'Count Skrilla'.mp3
02 - Consequence - 'Q_U_E_E_N_S'.mp3
03 - Sadat X - 'X-Plain'.mp3
04 - EPMD Feat. Raekwon - 'Puttin Work In'.mp3
05 - Freeway - 'Tell You Something' (Prod. By Erick Sermon).mp3
06 - 1982 (Lil Fame and Termanology) - 'Thugathon'.mp3
07 - Nature - 'Livewire'.mp3
08 - Eneeone Feat. KRS-One - Radio (Prod. By Domingo).mp3
09 - CL Smooth - 'I Cant Help It' (Shin Ski Remix).mp3
10 - Lil Sci.mp3
11 - DJ Babu Feat. MF Doom and Sean Price - The Unexpected.mp3
12 - Sadat X - Make It Happen.mp3
13 - P Brothers Feat. Milano -' In A Zone'.mp3
14 - Pete Rock Feat. Raekwon and Masta Killa - 'The PJ's'.mp3
16 - Lord Finesse Feat. Grand Puba - 'Real Talk'.mp3
17 - Marco Polo Feat. Large Professor - 'The Radar' (Remix).mp3
18 - QNC - 'I Wish'.mp3
19 - Nice and Smooth Feat. Gang Starr and Preacher Earl - 'Down The Line'.mp3
20 - Freddie Foxx vs BDP - 'Like This' (Progressive Retro Mix).mp3
21 - KRS-One Feat. Blaq Poet and DJ Premier - 'The Victory' (Prod. By Marley Marl) .mp3
22 - Diamond - 'Flows Do Blow' (Prod. By Kollabo Brothers).mp3
23 - Common - 'Maintaining'.mp3


01 - John Robinson - 'I Am Not For Sale'.mp3
02 - Common, Kanye, Talib, Insight - 'Get Em High (Insight Remix)'.mp3
03 - Nas - 'Life Is Like A Dice Game'.mp3
04 - Godfater Don - 'The Architect'.mp3
05 - MC Serch - 'Handle It'.mp3
06 - Get Open Feat. Sadat X - 'Here and Now'.mp3
07 - P Brothers Feat. Milano - 'Got It On Me'.mp3
08 - Jake One Feat. M.O.P. - 'Gangsta Boy'.mp3
09 - EPMD - 'Jane (2008)'.mp3
10 - J-Live Feat Asheru - 'Kick It To The Beat' (Prod By Pete Rock).mp3
11 - Obvious Bane - 'Pedestal'.mp3
12 - John Robinson - 'Touch Me'.mp3
13 - Black Sheep - 'Autobiographical'.mp3
14 - De La Soul - 'Afro Connections at Hi-Five'.mp3
15 - Kurious -' Top Notch'.mp3
16 - Large Professor - 'Have Fun'.mp3
17 - Real Live - 'Money and Shows'.mp3
18 - AZ - 'The Format' (Prod. By DJ Premier).mp3
19 - Afu Ra - 'Lyrical Monster' (Prod. By DJ Premier).mp3
20 - Lady Of Rage - 'Unfuckwittable' (Prod By DJ Premier).mp3
21 - Tame One - 'Action Word'.mp3


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Count Bass D - Live On Radio

Some words from AC the Program Director;
In December of 2008, Count Bass D came back to LA for some production missions and to enjoy LA in the wintertime (heavenly!) ... He graciously blessed the radio station with a three-hour visit ... Two hours in-the-mix, an interview and some Tazo Nazo with the 3rd Place Family/Leaders of the Brand New Funk crew ... Count Bass D is now an official member of The Real Dj's Crew ... Enjoy the three hour show!!!
So a HUGE welcome to Count Bass D into the Real Dj's Crew, big things are coming in '09...
Watch our moves



Thursday, January 8, 2009

MBALL - NO GAMES 2K (2009)

Here we have a very rugged mix of some real dope gems from my main man, the big homie MBALL.
Definitely give this one a play, and I know you'll be reppin it over and over again.

So, PROPS to my man MBALL for coming through and blessing us with this illy mix.

Download it...

Also, big-ups to Jules for that filthy off-the-dome freestyle on the intro!

Friday, January 2, 2009

EPIC, AC the PD Mixtape Post...

The complete AC the PD 18 Mixtape Catalog... FREE DOWNLOAD!

Wow, my man AC has generously posted all 18 of his incredible mixtapes up for download over @ DO NOT sleep on theese, AC is one of the most legendary mixtape DJs of all time, and theese gems are fuckin dope.

Here is a few words from AC the Program Director;

If you are able and thankful to us, please find it in your heart to give back to the station and help us continue to provide the services we do by making any kind of donation/contribution to the station at for the email address ...

WE ALSO HAVE AVAILABLE OVER 300 TO 400 LIVE RADIO BROADCAST-MIXTAPES, INCLUDING: A SCHOOLLY D mixtape, AUDIO TWO mixtape, CORMEGA mixtape, DJ PREMIER mixtape featuring A LOT of great unfamiliar DJ Premier productions, a BEATBOX SPECIAL featuring all beatbox joints, OLDIES CITY 1, OLDIES CITY 2, HIPHOPPHILOSOPHY.COM RADIO BREAKBEATS 1, among literally hundreds of other equally fresh live broadcasts from the Radio history catalog ... We will eventually post all of the radio station broadcasts up here on this blog ... Thanks for any and all support ... We do this for you ... and mostly for the great records and artists who never get the exposure, play, credit and respect they deserve in the mass media's pop misuse, misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the word "HipHop" to the masses of the blind led by and leading the blind ...
So without further ado, the mixtapes;