Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AC the PD and Lionel Splifkin LIVE in the mix...

Here is a dope-ass mix, AC, Omar-Goodness and I did on Saturday October 6th featuring brand-new music from;
Large Professor (new stuff off his upcoming "Beatz Vol. 2")
MF Grimm
Double K (of People Under the Stairs)
Bee-Why (aka. Ayatollah)
Rodan (of Monsta Island Czars)
Dr. Oop (aka. Droop Capone)
Y Society (Insight & Damu)

DOWNLOAD (Rapidshare)

Friday, October 5, 2007

DJ Mekalek, "Moodswings" Beat Mix

Glow Like This Podcast # 4 is a digital blast from the past. Time Machine’s producer/DJ and Glow-in-the-Dark Records’ co-owner/ radio promoter/ recording and mixing engineer/ accounting wizard Mekalek hits us with the instrumental onslaught, “Moodswings”. Here’s what he has to say about it:

This podcast is hands down the most popular mix that I’ve ever done to date (I intend to change that in 2008 tho’). I had started this tape(!) in early 1999 and took so long that it wasn’t finished until sometime in 2000. Over 150 instrumentals in 3 sections (medium, fast, slow), all blended together and featuring guest-hosting appearances by my younger brother when he was just a little tike. From the days when I was known just as DJ Mek (whatup other Mek!) and beats were much more raw, enjoy this mix while playing video games, relaxing, spitting venom, or if you just wanna hear some purity in a world of chaos. The skills are tolerable, but cut me some slack, it’s 8 years old! Part 2 coming sometime soon…



Yo don't forget to peep:
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