Monday, October 26, 2009

New! X-Ray Da Mindbenda Solo Project: The Ear Hustler

I have been lucky enough to hear producer, X-Ray Da Mindbenda (Monsta Island Czars, Darc Mind) new album before it's release and I'll tell you what... Not many people are out there making GOOD NEW HIPHOP, with the exception of a few very skilled heads. X-Ray shows and proves as one of these rare cats that can, and better yet, is still putting out consecutively fresh Hiphop music. His new instrumental album further instills my opinion, coming with some very nice joints, beginning to end, in the tradition of a truly classic album.
"The Ear Hustler" is something that should not be slept on if you consider yourself to be a Hiphop head.

From the producer who brought you classics such as;
Darc Mind, Monsta Island Czars and MF Doom and much more comes X-Ray Da Mindbenda's first solo instrumental project titled; "The Ear Hustler", Coming 11/17/09

You can check out the fire over @ X-Ray's Myspace;

Also, don't forget to check for that realness @ MindBenda Recording's website;